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HONMA Golf – Change of direction with the new BERES BLACK and BERES AIZU, exceeding all expectations

December 1, 2021 – Today HONMA Golf has presented its new BERES collection, the star product of its range of golf clubs. These BERES have arrived to revolutionize the game of golf in the 21st century. Their beauty is breathtaking. From the 10th of December they will be in the stores ready for Christmas, and they’ll be in the spotlight for the next 2 years. They’re are destined to become the new standard for luxury and super premium equipment in the golf market.

BERES have always been more than just a golf club, and the new ones integrate all the improved performance features that HONMA provides to make golf easier and more enjoyable for you. Designed for moderate swings, their high initial ball speed and long distance favor improvement in the golfer’s game. Most importantly, they allow you to enjoy the pleasure of owning the most beautiful, luxurious and sophisticated golf clubs in the world, with the highest levels of craftsmanship produced in the Sakata factory, where they are made with meticulous attention to detail.

The Japanese company condenses its 63-year history into these new BERES, tracing a surprising change of direction that will excite its followers, and also those who want to try it for the first time. HONMA is taking a new path with an extraordinary leap forward, both courageous and determined, with an open mind. Meanwhile, its legendary manufacture continues with a deeper fusion with Japanese culture. However, it’s superior aesthetic appeal does not hide its technological improvements.

Indeed, this time HONMA Golf has adopted a transcendental attitude in the development of the new ‘BERES design’ in the most aesthetic sense, printing a distinguished timeless stamp, elegantly decorated, with the aim of attracting a wider range of golfers: on the one hand, to strengthen the bond of loyalty for the player who already knows the signature; and on the other, to seduce a new audience. This is all without losing the fight to advance in performance and the super premium quality that distinguishes it so much from the rest of the market.

“Everything feels and looks special the moment you hold a BERES club in your hands and these stunning new choices of BLACK and AIZU take super premium clubs to the next level,” said Tony Scott, Head of Marketing, HONMA Golf Europe. “From the best-in-class technologies to the beautiful and exquisitely detailed aesthetics, plus the powerful simplicity of design, every detail has been addressed to deliver an unrivalled set of golf clubs that helps to define the player and enhance their game. 

“BERES represents both the strength and beauty of golf – a game where choosing the right equipment is paramount. That’s why HONMA craftsmen (Takumi) have placed a great focus on the unparalleled technology applied to the new BLACK and AIZU models. We’re confident that golfers will elevate their play and status when using these exceptional clubs,” he added.


High performance has been the focus of BERES throughout its history. That is why the new BERES offers a modern and refined beauty, with the same high performance. HONMA Golf‘s paradigm shift in the creation of its new BERES collection has resulted in two different looks, conceived with the same high performance, but aimed at different styles of players:

BERES BLACK: A line aimed at the most classic players in terms of the look of the golf clubs, ideal for the golfer who is starting to use BERES and who wants to do it discretely. In this way, new players will be able to get closer to the BERES range and will be able to enjoy its high performance while going practically unnoticed.

In addition, BERES BLACK, consisting of a driver, fairway woods, utilities and irons, means an additional simplification in the choice, since its shaft does not carry stars. The ARMRQ MX for Black is placed between the 2 and 3-Star categories, and is made with the same material as the 3-Star, but without the M40X fiber.


BERES AIZU: Within the Fukushima prefecture, in northern Japan and near Sakata, Aizu is a region with hundreds of years of artisan tradition, which gives its name to this new jewel of HONMA. Aizu’s fascinating decoration, handcrafted in unique and select pieces, such as the lacquered patterns of its ceramics, is now incorporated into the coveted golden clubs, which will also arrive in different shades of color depending on the chosen Stars.

Synonymous with Japanese smart, dignity and beauty, BERES AIZU is aimed at players who already know HONMA, who appreciate the super premium quality of clubs made in Japan, and who, in addition to having the recognized performance of the brand, seek to differentiate themselves from the rest of players.

The new line consists of a driver, fairway woods, utilities and irons, for men and women (2S, 3S, 4S and 5S), with the ARMRQ MX and ARMRQ MX DYNAMIC shafts, with the sophisticated M40X fiber.

Only through surprise can things be changed, and HONMA Golf has succeeded. When something is truly unique, its performance is expected to exceed expectations. And BERES not only reaches them, but eclipses them. The moment you pick up a BERES, everything feels different. The new BERES AIZU and BERES BLACK will bring an experience of change in your golf.

After analyzing the change in concept that HONMA Golf has prepared with its new BERES collection, now you can choose your style, BLACK or AIZU, remembering that their levels of customization allow them to be adapted to your swing, and especially to your tastes and preferences.

In following articles we will delve into the advances and technological innovations that HONMA has applied to the inimitable BERES AIZU and BERES BLACK, golf clubs that are incomparable for their aesthetic and performance.

Por Miguel Angel Buil