HONMA Golf – The BERES AIZU and BERES BLACK ranges, a prodigy of luxury, performance and lifestyle

February 3, 2022 – When we refer to BERES, many players envision their aspirations, not only on the golf course but also in life. BERES is much more than a golf club, as it goes way beyond luxury and perfection. What HONMA Golf started in its factory in Sakata (Japan) in 1959, has grown richer and more splendid over the years to become a legendary tradition of pure craftsmanship and unsurpassed beauty.

Today BERES continues to seduce golfers who enjoy exclusivity and love the experience of a premium lifestyle. We can say that almost all golfers turn their heads with ambition whenever they see a bag of BERES golf clubs; and we say ‘almost all’ because those who don’t … already play with BERES!

The great novelty of 2022 is that the new BERES generation offers even more, as it allows you to choose according to your style: BERES BLACK and BERES AIZU, which appeal to both men and women golfers. A daring and audacious turn in the aesthetic of the heads, so that players can make their own personal choice.

We introduced them in depth on the day of their official launch. Now we are delighted to see them in the new promotional videos that we show here:



Both ranges are beautiful, a marvel of art and engineering with amazing perfection in detail. They also share the same ultra-modern construction technology, giving them both high-performance features.

The BERES BLACK and BERES AIZU clubs give refinement, power, forgiveness and accuracy to players with moderate and slow swing speeds. The drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons develop pure and stable swings by promoting higher ball speeds and a longer, straighter ball flight, continuing the proud heritage of previous luxury ranges.

In addition, their ARMRQ MX shafts are handmade through a meticulous process that goes through many methodical steps. The use of a highly elastic carbon fiber, whose weight is optimally distributed, produces a perfectly balanced shaft. This fiber creates the backbone that is the secret of the greater durability of the shaft, with rigorously inspected quality that ensures the comfort for each golfer.

We are therefore looking at some visually stunning golf clubs, expertly designed to improve your game. With all this, we have no other option but to applaud HONMA Golf for the videos and for having achieved it again: surpassing themselves with their BERES BLACK and BERES AIZU ranges, with masterpieces that will delight the most exclusive golfers who value looking magnificent, and playing superbly!

Por Miguel Angel Buil