HONMA Golf – BERES BLACK, the fascinating elegance of black and gold to stand out discretely on the golf course

December 1, 2021 – Leading Japanese brand HONMA Golf has taken the super premium category clubs to the next level, with the introduction of two new luxurious ranges: BERES BLACK and BERES AIZU, designed to meet the expectations of players looking for the best ever, in terms of style, as well as top performance on the golf course.

The latest installment in HONMA‘s most sought after product line combines the latest game enhancing technology, high quality materials, and ultra-modern construction, with legendary Japanese brand craftsmanship and luxurious finishes, creating the ultimate set of clubs, intended for players with lower swing-speeds looking to enjoy the game much more.

The fascinating sleek simplicity of the attractive BERES BLACK design embodies the power and purity of the clubs, while building on the positive reaction to the Limited Edition of the previous black model launched in early 2021.

At a technological level, the new BERES BLACK driver is the first HONMA design to feature the cutting-edge L-CUP face structure, which increases the initial ball speed to reach more distance, plus to enlarging the sweet spot area to improve forgiveness. The evolved internal radial frame face works synergistically with its ultralight Ti811 titanium crown and low center of gravity to deliver high launch and low spin for longer carries.

Another of the new performance technologies of the new woods is the incorporation of the Triple Sole Slot, a triple slot in the front part of the sole that offers greater speed when firing the ball from the face of the club, in addition to increasing the gear effect on off-center strikes, correcting the trajectory for straighter shots.

BERES BLACK fairway woods with the Triple Sole Slot also feature a progressive face and a center of gravity flow construction, designed independently for each metal wood. This ensures a highly desirable trajectory and optimal spin to deliver unrivalled performance.

With similar performance-enhancing properties, the BERES BLACK Utility features a low-center-of-gravity design and weight positioning for each loft for a strong trajectory, and face repulsion thanks to the triple slot in the sole to gain distance.

BERES BLACK irons have been designed to deliver high launching, straight trajectories with ease, offering the ultimate forgiveness. A wide 3D L-CUP structure and Sole Slots increase the ball speed, while the newly constructed club face, which reaches to the tip to increase its forgiveness, features reduced thickness and vertical slits that reinforce the impact area for greater strength and durability. Also, the forged head brings a sweeter touch to the golf ball.

New in the BERES BLACK collection is the ARMRQ MX for BLACK shaft, which, although it does not carry Stars, is placed between the 2 and 3-Star categories, being made with the same material as the 3-Star, but without the M40X fiber. It is also hand-rolled and built in harmony with the club heads in the same Sakata factory, to ensure that the tightest tolerances are achieved, and to offer greater impact consistency.

Reinforcing the butt section, it features a newly developed 10-axis braiding sheet (the previous had 7), consisting of a 4-axis aluminum and 6-axis carbon material at the butt of the shaft, plus the revolutionary T1100G material to deliver more speed and accuracy, as well as a comfortable sensation by placing more weight in the grip area.

Going a step beyond exclusivity and customization, the ARMRQ MX DYNAMIC shaft places the flex point higher, designed for the player who develops a higher swing-speed, providing a more penetrating flight and less backspin.

Defining uncompromising quality and richness, the striking BERES BLACK collection has been crafted with an exquisite design that conveys undeniable luxury. Incorporating the highest performing components associated with superb BERES quality, these clubs are of the deepest black to attract attention and ensure that you can play golf with greater confidence.

The BERES BLACK men’s collection, available this month, includes the driver with three lofts (9.5º, 10.5º and 11.5º); fairway woods 3 (15º), 5 (18º) and 7º (21º); utilities 3 (19º), 4 (22º), 5 (25º) and 6 (28º); and 5, 6-11, AW and SW irons.

RRP: BERES BLACK from €1,250 (driver); €750 (fairway wood); €600 (utility); €500 (per iron).

Por Miguel Angel Buil