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MyGolfSpy – The HONMA TR20 V, chosen as the ‘Most Wanted Player’s Iron’ of 2020

November 3, 2020 – The popular golf equipment review site MyGolfSpy.com has awarded the new HONMA TR20 V iron the title of ‘Most Wanted Player’s Iron’ in the market for 2020. These irons are designed for skilled players and deliver an excellent feeling when you hit the golf ball well.

In the final evaluation, the four top places in the category this year have gone to the HONMA TR20 V in the global Rank; while runners-up include the New Level 902 Forged, PING i210 and Miura TC-201; and the New Level 902 Forged claimed the Best Value.

MyGolfSpy affirms that its tests are the most complete and independent in the world. This review was carried out with 17 of the best models of the category playing against each other, through more than 16.300 shots hit by independent testers during 240 hours of analysis.

The HONMA TR20 V have received the highest praise by receiving the recognition of the ‘Most Wanted Player’s Iron’ of 2020. Not only are they the leader in ‘Strokes Gained’ specially for mid irons, but also for the long irons. They’re among the leaders in total distance, achieving 167,6 yards with the 7 iron. On the other hand, the test places them below average in terms of tolerance, and they achieve a low score in ‘Strokes Gained’ with the short irons.

The HONMA TR20 V are craftmanship irons with Tour-level performance, engineered using the most Premium materials to deliver incredibly precise feel, distance and control. Crafted with the preferred blade length of the better player, the irons are forged from the finest soft S20C carbon steel and incorporate a modern cavity back design.

Built with strong but playable lofts, they are available with VIZARD TR20-85 graphite and Nippon Modus 105 shafts, built with ascending weight for increased speed with longer irons and added control with the short irons.

Por Miguel Angel Buil