MyGolfWay – Launch of a new image for our 10th Anniversary

July 5, 2021 – This July we reach the 10th Anniversary of the birth of our MyGolfWay platform. And to celebrate it, nothing better than the launch of a new image both for the header of the site and for our social media. This is the first of a series of actions that we are going to carry out this season, yet to be unveiled.

We move with the same enthusiasm we had when we began, and with the satisfaction of having informed about our favourite sport throughout the last ten years, particularly in the service of the golf industry. We are proud that our work has made us a preferred communication media in Spain, especially as a leader in the golf equipment and golf tourism segments, areas in which we feel very comfortable.

We commissioned the image change to Polo Gráfico Comunicación, the graphic design agency expert in branding with which MyGolfWay started its adventure ten years ago, in 2011. It marks a return to our origins to remember ‘where we come from’, in order to project a new image that communicates ‘where we are’, and glimpses at ‘where are we going’.

We have spent weeks working together with the Polo Gráfico agency to define the updated image of the MyGolfWay project, and transfer to our image the vital pulse of our online platform, which has rigorously and digitally captured the day-to-day life of the last ten years of golf history.

“We have returned to the roots of the MyGolfWay project and have reinterpreted it from today’s point of view, firmly betting on the same orange color as a differentiating symbol, in contrast to the traditional green of golf, updating its style to communicate greater freshness, with connotations of sustainability and modernity, combined with silver grey, a neutral and elegant colour, configuring a logo that is easy to identify and differentiate,” says Alex Iñigo, creative designer and director of the Polo Gráfico agency.

“In addition, in the header we maintain the elliptical lines that suggest the trajectory of the golf ball, while symbolizing the connection with the readership, which is one of the keys to its reason for being”.

This is the connection with the people who trust MyGolfWay as a source of information and accompany us to keep up to date through the news and content that we generate and spread through Internet.

“And at the same time, we have added the seal of the 10 years, which denotes fidelity to the mission of MyGolfWay, as well as journalistic commitment to its readers and visitors to the site.”

“And alluding to the virtue of the game of golf, which is played throughout the year, we have added a nod to the seasonal time in which it is being reported. Finally, we have transferred the new concept to the corresponding avatar of each social network, to be reflected on its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels,” concludes Alex Iñigo.

We hope you like our new image, and we intend to continue surprising you as you browse through our content related to sport and the sector that unites us, GOLF.

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Alex Iñigo – Polo Gráfico Comunicación

Por Miguel Angel Buil