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Honma Golf – Partnership with six JLPGA golfers, involved at the ‘WOW! CHALLENGERS’ campaign

January 19, 2021 – HONMA Golf, one of the most prestigious and iconic brands within the golf industry, announced a partnership with six uprising athletes from The Ladies Professional Golfers’ Association of Japan (JLPGA), including multiple-time JLPGA champion Misuzu Narita, top 50 seeded player of this season Rumi Yoshiba, and uprising players Shina Kanazawa, Momo Yoshikawa, Minami Hiruta and Nanoko Hayashi.

The new partnership aims to further enhance HONMA’s tour presence in its Asia home base showcasing its exquisite club-making craftsmanship while reinforcing the 62-year-old premium brand with its performance-driven consumers, especially young millennial golfers amid the promising trend of golf development in Asia.

The new joiners, aged between 22 and 28, will be seen using HONMA clubs and apparels from Spring 2021 anchoring HONMA’s most recent WOW! CHALLENGERS campaign, created in conjunction with the newly launched T//WORLD GS club series featuring extraordinary speed and surprising distance to “WOW” the golfers. Together with the existing Team HONMA pros, they are challenged to achieve 10 JLPGA wins in 2021, equipped with not just HONMA gears but also the unique support from master craftsmen at HONMA’s R&D and manufacturing base in Sakata, Japan.

“I’m thrilled by the quality and performance of HONMA clubs. I cannot wait to play with my new GS clubs. They are the best clubs I have ever used,” said 28-year-old Misuzu Narita, a 13-time JLPGA champion.

“Playing with the right club is key to win,” added Rumi Yoshiba, winner of the 2016 Nippon Ham Classic. “HONMA has been providing the best-fitting clubs that go beyond my expectation. The team’s expertise, passion, and attention to detail has really struck a chord with me. I am confident in achieving my goals through partnership with HONMA.”

Already on Team HONMA Japan are five existing members, including renowned golfer Lee Bo-mee, a new talent Goto Miyu, and three male players from Japan Golf Tour Organization (JGTO) — Hideto Tanihara, Koumei Oda and Shintaro Kobayashi.

“The new Team HONMA Japan boasts a strong group of 11 pro-golfers that would significantly enhance our tour presence in the Japan market,” said Nobuyuki Hishinuma, Executive Vice President of HONMA Japan. “I’m really excited to have such young talent on board as they refresh the vibe of the brand. We are looking forward to their growth and achievements in the coming years while we grow the business.”

Liu Jianguo, Chairman of HONMA Golf, commented, “Tour presence is indispensable in HONMA’s efforts to become a major global golf brand. We have been carefully evaluating sponsorship opportunities in each of our major markets. It is crucial that the sponsorship be relevant to local market dynamics and speak to the target customers so that the tour presence can effectively convert into brand awareness and in turn fuel our growth strategies.”