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PrideSports – Celebration of the 1.5 billion PTS golf tee sales worldwide

August 23, 2019 – This year PrideSports celebrates the 1.5 billionth PTS golf tee that has been sold worldwide since the revolutionary range was introduced over a decade ago.

The Pride Professional Tee System (PTS) is a proprietary system of colour coded golf tees that allows for easy identification of tee length and appropriateness for various golf clubs.

Following its introduction, the system quickly became the most successful tee range in the world and continues to lead the market as PrideSports celebrates this landmark number of sales.

Commenting on the company’s historic year, Senior Vice President of Marketing, John Hohman said: “PrideSports has printed and sold over 1 billion tees since its conception. PTS tees are distributed across the globe and are available in wood and plastic. PTS is used frequently on the PGA Tour – play what the pros play and don’t accept imitations!”

Every week hundreds of professional players trust the unique colour coded system to ensure they tee the ball at the exact height they desire.

Professional shops and retailers across Europe also put their faith in PTS to ensure their members and customers play the tee which is the right height for their game. Whether they want to tee it high and let it fly or tee it low and squeeze one down the fairway, PrideSports can cater for all, without compromise.

The PTS range features five unique colour coded tee types ranging from Orange (1 ½ inches tall) up to Green (4 inches tall), all of which will soon be available in new resealable packets. This innovative new packaging design will ensure that golfers can keep their tees safely stored inside the packet rather than the traditional method of emptying them out in to their golf bags.

Other factors play a part in the selection of tee height, such as the firmness of the turf, weather conditions and the type of shot required. PrideSports have considered these factors and have created a system that makes it easier than ever for golfers to tee the ball to the height they desire with a coloured band wrapping round the tee to indicate where it should stick out of the ground.

PrideSports distributes PTS tees worldwide so that golfers across the globe have access to the very best teeing system, no matter where they are playing.