Long Drive

Long Drive – Jake Hansen wins at 2014 International Champ with Hirzl and Mygolfcover


December 8, 2018 – The final of the 2014 International Long Drive Championship (ILDC), held at the Los Mangos Golf Club in Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, had a significant victory by Jake Hansen and his team, International Team 2, who defeated Canada Team 4 to win the entire event.

In his equipment we found two remarkable brands worthy of mention, the Hirzl Gloves and the Mygolfcover handmade golf headcovers. Hirzl, the Nº1 Long Drive Golf Glove with dozens of professional golf victories in the past three years, has collected another long drive title.

In the Dominican Republic, the uncomfortable heat and humidity challenged all the long drive professionals. According to Long Drive boomer Jake Hansen, “using Hirzl Gloves I became the 2014 ILDC Champion in the team division. They helped me battle the extreme heat and humidity.”


Hirzl‘s success in the sport of Long Drive can be attributed to their specialized Hirzl GRIPPP technology which ensures a maximum grip under all conditions which is critical for these elite long drive athletes who swing the driver up to 150mph with ball speeds of close to 220mph.

And to dress and protect his drivers was Mygolfcover, who also congratulated Jake Hansen’s success. Mygolfcover is a brand of original handmade golf headcovers, shipped worldwide, and as we can see in the pictures, this PGA pro has become a great fan.


Jake Hansen is sponsored by names like Carts of Colorado, Tattoo Golf clothing, Pure Grips, True Linkswear, Tornado Tee, Hirzl Gloves and Mygolfcover.

Por Miguel Angel Buil