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Interview – Vicente Rubio: “The Solheim Cup is an event that is very much aligned with Finca Cortesin’s values of sustainability and inclusion”

May 6, 2022 – Step by step, Finca Cortesin is building the ideal conditions to host what will possibly be the best Solheim Cup in history. And the latest step is the achievement of the first Seal of Quality awarded to a Spanish golf course by Acosol, a public company that manages the integral water cycle on the Costa del Sol. This is an environmental commitment that the players of the European and American Teams will experience during the 2023 Solheim Cup, but will also transcend in the future of the prestigious Andalusian resort.

Vicente Rubio, Managing Director of Finca Cortesin, explains it to us in this exclusive interview.

MYGOLFWAY: Globally, what message does Finca Cortesin seek to convey to the world by hosting the Solheim Cup 2023?

VICENTE RUBIO: We are delighted to be hosting one of the biggest events in golf in The Solheim Cup at Finca Cortesin. We believe this event is very much aligned with our values, from a sustainability and also from an inclusion perspective. At Finca Cortesin, we look to partner with global leaders on these matters, and The Solheim Cup represents the opportunity to do so, whilst also creating a great legacy for our resort and the community around us.

MGW: What value does the Acosol certification represent for Finca Cortesin and the environmental commitment of the golf course?

VICENTE RUBIO: Acosol has been a great partner to us since the inception of the resort. We have been fortunate to grow our business alongside them, and when we learned they were working on an environmental certification we were delighted to be part of the process and become the first club in Spain to be awarded this certification.

MGW: Efficient irrigation by using recycled water…How much time, effort and investment has been necessary to meet the requirements for the Acosol certification?

VICENTE RUBIO: The resort is fortunate that we have a great agronomy team lead by our Director of Agronomy, Ignacio Soto. Under his leadership, the team consistently strives to improve and work on our water efficiency through the use of enhanced technology and promotion of grass species that also require fewer chemical applications and less water, whilst still providing world-class conditions on a daily basis.

At the end of the day, the investment pays for itself on a longer-term basis, and we are proud to work every day on new ways to become more sustainable and improve on our daily practices.

MGW: How will all this activity influence the organization of the Solheim Cup 2023? How will the players of the European and US Teams notice a difference?

VICENTE RUBIO: The main aim on a daily basis is to reinforce our management ecosystem and culture at the Club around sustainability and ensure it is always a priority with every decision that is made. With this said, we are working closely with both the Ladies European Tour (LET) and LPGA Tour, as well as the promotor for The Solheim Cup to provide all the support that is required from our side as the host venue.

And to answer your question directly, yes, the players and teams will experience an enhanced tournament and event set-up that will be based around many sustainable actions and initiatives, of which they will be able to experience first-hand throughout the event.

Por Miguel Angel Buil