Golf Pride – A research confirms increased ball speed and carry with fresh grips

May 31, 2023 – Golf Pride, an industry leader in innovation and sports performance equipment, has announced the results of the first of a series of research studies into grip performance, that has concluded that new golf grips offer an increased average carry length of 2.3 yards on full golf shots.

Players taking part in the study found that their average ball speed (average: 121.6 mph) increased by 1.3mph, and the average carry length (average: 168.6 yards) increased by 2.3 yards with the designated test club. Moreover, 82% of the participants surveyed felt that the new grip was ‘secure to very secure’ in their hands. Whereas, for non-new grips, only 24% said the grip felt ‘secure, to very secure’.

Greg Cavill, Global Project Engineering Manager for Eaton Corporation, and his team, conducted this study – he said: “The results of this detailed test clearly demonstrate that there are tangible and defined benefits to re-gripping. We’ve proven within this study that new grips can offer 2.3 yards of additional carry, increased ball speeds, and, importantly, greater confidence with the club in the hands.

“We’re excited to continue exploring the benefits of re-gripping, and further understanding how the connection between the hands and the grip can have an impact on performance,” he added.

Over 80% of players do not regrip their clubs every year. If this population were to replace their worn grips with new grips at least once per year, they would see an increase in consistent face impacts leading to performance gains.

Audrey Rodriguez, Head of Global Brand Marketing for Golf Pride, commented: “With this latest research study, we can decidedly say that fresh grips have a positive impact on your game. An extra couple of yards’ carry could be the difference between a birdie and a bogey, so understanding the benefits of new vs worn grips will allow golfers to continually perform at their optimum levels.” She added: “This is very much the tip of the iceberg of what we’re doing as an industry leader to drive the importance of the grip category, and highlight grips as a key piece of performance equipment within the game.”