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BGA – The Junior Golf Tour of the Barcelona Golf Academy is back

March 24, 2021 – This past Sunday, and every Sunday from this month of March, the Junior Golf Tour will be played at the Club de Golf Barcelona, a fun competition that takes the name of the corresponding European Tourtournament weekly. Thus, boys and girls will be able to learn the most important events on the professional tour, where the Majors count double.

The Junior Golf Tour of the Barcelona Golf Academy (BGA) is a junior tour, open to kids from in and outside the academy and from the club, which is played on the club’s magnificent 9-hole ‘executive’ course – ideal for the little ones -, seeking to offer activity to the players when they don’t have official or federative competitions.

It is limited to golfers under the age of 25 and is developed in three categories. Two of them are played over 18 holes, the Lower Category (handicap from 0 to 18) and the Superior Category (handicap from 18.5 to 36.9); while the third category is oriented to the Benjamins, who play 9 holes.

Local and school golfers will enter in a ranking, which will be established by the points they earn for participating in the weekly tournaments. And with those points that they add, they will receive vouchers to spend in the proshop or in the academy, without forgetting that there will be a ‘big prize’ at the end of the season.

And for foreign players, to win at the Sunday’s tournament will win a free training day the following Saturday at the BGA academy.

Registration is open on Tuesday of each week, with entries closing on Friday at 19:00 p.m. More information and registration, tel. (+34) 600 367 807 (Almudena) and

Cheer up juniors, and enjoy playing tournaments!

Por Miguel Angel Buil