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BGA – Barcelona Golf Academy, 100% committed to Gamyplan

September 26, 2022 – Last Monday 19th of September, Barcelona Golf Academy had the honor of receiving Jesús Rodríguez Salvador, high-performance coach of the Real Federacion Española de Golf and founder of Gamyplan, the revolutionary system that offers the best support for teaching golf.

Barcelona Golf Academy has been working with Gamyplan for several seasons, but wanted to get a training session from Jesús in person at the Club de Golf Barcelona, so that we can apply 100% of the management features of the platform this academic year, in order to help their players achieve better and faster results.

The six-hour day, which brought together the entire technical team of the academy, including the head coach, Carlos Vivas, the instructors Alejandro Sánchez and Daniel García, and Julieta Aguirre as assistant coach, included an extensive theoretical class, going into the structure and planning of the programs in detail, and finished with practical cases in the studio of the academy at the driving range.

“It is the first time that I come and I have loved the environment of the academy. Its facilities have tremendous potential to train players”, says Jesús Rodríguez. “I have been working with Carlos for years, and coming here was something I have been looking forward to. We have taken advantage of the fact that Alejandro has taken on the management of the children’s school to work fully with Gamyplan”.

With these classes, Barcelona Golf Academy will finish structuring and organizing the daily activities with the pupils, whether children, juniors or adults, assuring that they establish a dynamic strategy of schedules and training exercises, while taking advantage of all the available resources, which in the academy are many (3D software, technologies, cameras, video, launch monitors, fittings, mats, screens, practice accessories, mirrors…).

“With what has been learned in the academy, there is a good annual planning, which can cover the entire Gamyplan roadmap and it serves them for the entire season,” he continues. “Implementing Gamyplan correctly is essential for a golf school to work in a planned manner, with a good structure, strategy and dynamism. Here they’re clear about it, and they have my advice for any doubts that may arise”.

There are three essential axes:

1) Keep pupils motivated, through team training, ranking competitions, variety of exercises, stations and rotations, dynamization of classes, and with the aim of surprising them.

2) Great communication, to create stronger links with pupils, parents and families, periodically sending reports, evaluations, files, videos, etc., even keeping track of attendance. Players can consult the training they have to do, or upload videos of their swing, which is another of the things that can also be done through Gamyplan.

3) And planning and dynamics are very important, with up to five variables in the exercises, to retain the attention and interest of the pupils.

“I am very happy with the day; first because the information has been very clear for the academy technicians, and because having such a structure is a basic pillar for any golf school that wants to function well, which nowadays is not easy to comply with”. 

“Second, because here they already have some good work tools for the revitalization of the stations. Now the coaches know how to pivot with a variety of options on the different exercises”.

“And third, because we have reflected on how to take advantage of all available resources. Now they know what tools to start with, the communication strategies, what can be done with each thing…”.

“By applying the planning and dynamics of Gamyplan together, they will be able to transform and consolidate their teaching programs,” concludes Jesús Rodríguez.

Por Miguel Angel Buil