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Awesome Golf – ¡Gracias por jugar! The pioneering golf simulator software, now available in Spanish

10 August 2022 – Awesome Golf, the pioneering golf software company, is now available in Spanish! Since partnering with Garmin, as well as FlightScope, the company’s downloads have sky-rocketed across the globe, with the largest uptake in California where there are over 11 million Spanish speakers!

“June and July have been the best 2 months we have ever had, with an incredible shift in our user base,” explains Awesome Golf Founder Gavin Hamer.

“We have every intention of translating our apps into more languages, but Spanish was the obvious starting point.  Our distributor in Spain, Golf Range Virtual, has already put this to good use with their first installation at Bizkaia Golf Akademia in Biscay (Basque Country).”

Awesome Golf is fast building a reputation amongst simulator owners for providing the most reliable, practical, fun, and cost-effective software solution on the market.  There are 13 modes for players to choose from across Range Practice, Virtual Golf, Skills Challenges and Shootouts.  Players can track their scores on a global Community App and take place in competitions each month.

“We have had great feedback from our partners and their customers,” commented Gavin Hamer, owner of Awesome Golf.

“Home users and PGA Pros are all impressed by the simplified user interface and the vast range of options available.  We have some really cool plans for 2023, which will involve some one-off limited-edition locations, new partners and an incredible global competition.”

The Awesome Golf software is available to download direct from or from the Garmin App for a lifetime price of just $349.99.