Tee Caddy – A great invention for never losing your tee again!


January 30, 2015 – You hit the drive and… “Anyone seen where my tee went?” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? And annoying too, if you don’t find it at once? Because precious seconds are wasted each time, adding up to minutes by the end of the game, and if it was also your favourite tee and it doesn’t appear in the end, you have to keep going with the game with the bitterness of leaving behind an essential part of your golf gear.

Well, it looks as if this problem has been solved, cleverly, thanks to a new device called Tee Caddy. An original pitch mark repair tool that you stick in at a safe distance from the golf ball, which holds the tee with a rubber gasket attached to the thread of a retrieving mechanism. So when you hit the drive, the tee no longer flies to the most unlikely place where it is impossible find, but automatically returns to the device.


The inventor of this revolutionary gadget is an Englishman from Plymouth, Paul Given, and to clarify how it works he explains it to us in this YouTube video:

“‘Can anyone see my tee?’ After hearing those words a thousand times I realised that in spite of golf tees being relatively inexpensive, we all hate losing them! Some golfers even have their ‘lucky tee’ or a sentimental tee that they hit their longest drives on, etc.” says Paul Given, the Tee Caddy’s inventor.

“Many golfers spend countless minutes searching for tees, holding up play and generally wasting time. Time that could be better spent moving play along or… at the 19th hole!. Well, no more. Tee Caddy is a unique and patent-pending tee retrieval system that will ensure you never lose a tee again”, ends Paul Given.

Apart from the originality of the invention, well solved and now ready for commercialising, the Tee Caddy offers other advantages for the golfer:

  • Save money: The tees are not hugely expensive, but some manufacturers produce new models with higher prices every year. By the end of the year, losing a few of those brush style or ‘zero friction’ tees is ‘money’.
  • Repair your pitch mark: With Tee Caddy you don’t need to carry a lot of different golf accessories in your pocket, but just one. Manufactured to very high standards, this amazing gadget comes as a solid steel chrome plated pitch mark repair tool that also serves to anchor the tee-retrieving device. With its tips you can also use it as a clubface groove cleaner.
  • Mark your ball: Neatly integrated in the unit, held by a strong magnet, is a ball marker, which is the exact size of a one pence piece. This means that if you accidentally lose your ball marker (although you shouldn’t as it’s held in place by a magnet), you can replace it with a modern one with steel.

The bad news is that, unfortunately, this fantastic tee collector may not be used during competition under the R & A Rules. They say this is because the retractable cord of the device could be used, in theory, to ‘aid alignment’.

Drat, what an excuse! Don’t we want our golf to get a bit more modern?


The ball marker, the pitch mark repairer and the groove cleaner can all be used in competitions. And the Tee Caddy? On your next non-competitive round you’d have to see if it actually helps align the player in the swing or the targeting line. Who knows if it could also be attributed another benefits such as a swing trainer! Anyway, the Tee Caddy will save you time on the tee and make your game more enjoyable.

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Por Miguel Angel Buil