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Test Madera de Calle Ping G20

Logo El Doctor GolfJuly 3, 2012 – We liked the Ping G20 driver a lot, but we like the Ping G20 fairway wood even more. The one we tested at was a 3 (15º loft) with a Ping TFC 169F shaft (R flex), and checking its credentials we found that the Ping engineers have enlarged its head, going from 154 cc on the previous model, the G15, to 165 cc on this one.

It has a 17-4 stainless Steel larger head, with a comfortable narrow face which increases the MOI to ensure high launching, long carrying shots from turf or tee. The visible weight in the far outer sole places the centre of gravity low and deep to facilitate high and stable low-spin shots, giving you the desired distance and control with a fairway wood. Furthermore, its large face and high MOI maintain consistent ball speeds to provide performance across the entire hitting surface.

Toni Alcazar, professional of El Doctor Golf.
  • I was really surprised. The first impression is that I feel very comfortable with this club in my hands. It is very well balanced. It has a very nice sense of weight and shaft.
  • I am delighted that Ping has decided to design clubs with such a narrow face profile. This provides higher ball shots from the fairway especially for amateur players, as they tend to hit balls a little low with a fairway wood. The G20 is great because it offers a high flight easily.
  • Having the Steel face gives me more feel that the Titanium alloy of the driver.
  • In my series of shots on the driving range I tried to hit a fade ball, a draw ball, a high ball and a low ball, and the truth is that the balls responded to the millimetre.
  • And as for forgiveness this wood is very good. Yes, it is easier to fade or draw with the G20 3 fairway wood than with the G20 driver, even though the ball is very well controlled. In other words, it doesn’t produce exaggerated effects.

It is a golf club of a degree of accuracy. As a pro, I would use it, for example, in par 5s. This club doesn’t lose distance, and getting as much height makes the ball come down slowly and stop before, which helps to keep you on the green. So, golfers can optimise their ball flight by choosing either the higher-launching TFC 169F shaft or the TFC 169F Tour shaft version for a lower trajectory. And if 5 and 7 fairway woods are as good as the 3, you definitely have some jewels in the bag.


  • Club reviewed: 3 (15º), TFC 169F shaft , flex R, grip Ping.
  • Tester: Toni Alcázar (33). Pro of El Doctor Golf.
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 I am delighted with this golf club. The feeling of weight is very nice and balanced all the time. It is forgiving and workable. For a 3-wood the trajectory of the ball flight is high, which is great for the amateur, who is not going to lose distance.

 Nothing against. By promoting a higher ball flight in adverse weather conditions like wind, a few yards might be lost and it might be tricky to keep the ball in the fairway. In that case it would be better to choose the G20 fairway wood with TFC 169F Tour shaft.

Maderas de calle Ping G20


Getting the ball airborne and adding yards is easy with external weighting and a low-deep CG that produces high launch and optimal spin for long, straight results. The large, 17-4 stainless head and variable-thickness clubface increase the MOI to maintain consistent ball speeds across the hitting surface. Face height is optimised to offer a visually appealing, forgiving option from the tee or fairway.


Lofts: 3w (15º), 4w (16,5º), 5w (18º), 7w (21º). Lie: 56º (3, 4); 56,5º (5); 57º (7). Shafts (flex): Graphite TFC 169F (L, Soft R, R, S, X); TFC 169F Tour (R, S, X); Junior TFC 72 Distance. Standard length: 43” (3, 5); 42,5” (5); 42” (7). Swing weight: D1. Fitting variables: Shaft length; shaft flex; shaft type; loft; grip size and type. RRP: €199.

Toni Alcázar is a golf professional in El Doctor Golf.

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Por Toni Alcazar