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Test Guante FootJoy StaSof

Logo El Doctor GolfMay 21, 2012 – “Ultimate Tour Performance and Feel”. That’s how FootJoy introduced the golf glove StaSof, renovated for this season. But why are we looking at this glove? Because no one can deny that it has been the favourite Cabretta leather glove of the world’s best players for over 25 years.

It’s most recent success was in the hand of Portuguese Ricardo Santos in the Madeira Open European Tour, and in MyGolfWay we have decided to review the meaning of its “tour-proven performance”.

At first glance we didn’t notice anything new about the refashioned StaSof golf glove for 2012. So we looked through the information provided by the manufacturer, who declares as novelties: the APL Taction 2 Pittards Tanned Cabretta Leather, that provides optimum feel, exceptional moisture management and improved grip performance; It performs better in all weather conditions – the more moist the leather gets during play the better it grips; an improved and more comfortable fit across the back of the hand; the base opening of the glove remains unchanged to allow the hand to enter the glove easily, but the cuff is lengthened by 2mm, providing a better fit and more comfort; and finally, the non-perforated palm allows for a better feel and contact with the club to provide better grip.

Toni Alcazar, profesional de El Doctor Golf
  • A lot of words, but after a few rounds I can say that the StaSof golf glove provides a very good feel, a powerful grip, is comfortable and resistant to moisture, and fine feeling that stays soft longer.
  • It’s a leather glove with similar features to its predecessors. Yes, it is true that I have noticed a little more durability. In other words, it won’t peel as easily.

Like all leather gloves the price is high, while the durability is relatively short, although in this case perhaps it’s more justified, because as I said before, I’ve noticed less waste than with other leather gloves, while retaining the same benefits of touch and feel.


  • Glove to test: Men, size M.
  • Tester: Toni Alcázar (33). Pro of El Doctor Golf.
DESIGN [rating: level=”4″]
COMFORT [rating: level=”5″]
DURABILITY [rating: level=”4″]
PERFORMANCE [rating: level=”5″]
FEELING [rating: level=”5″]
OPTIONS [rating: level=”4″]
VALUE [rating: level=”3″]
FOR… Professionals and Low handicaps
AVERAGE [rating: level=”4.5″]

 It is liked by Tour professionals who have relied on it for many years. The feeling is very good, and its softness lasts more than other leather gloves.

 The first impression is… more of the same. At first glance nothing is new, it’s very classic and, like all leather gloves, durability continues to be its weakness.

Golf Glove FootJoy StaSof pack 2012SPECIFICATIONS

  1. Taction 2 Advanced Performance Leather, tanned exclusively by Pittards of England provides optimum feel, exceptional moisture management and improved grip performance.
  2. Extended Taction 2 APL Leather Cuff improves fit and comfort.
  3. Proprietary ComfortTab Closure comfortably adjusts for a secure fit and feel.
  4. PowerNet mesh insert across the knuckles enhances breathability and flexibility.

Sizes: S, M, ML, L, XL in Regular Left, Cadet Left and Regular Right. Women’s: S, M, ML, L Regular Left.

RRP: €25.

Toni Alcázar is a golf professional in El Doctor Golf.

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Pictures: MyGolfWay and FootJoy.

Por Toni Alcazar