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Nippon Shaft – New shaft combining steel and graphite designed specifically for hybrid golf clubs

October 25, 2019 – Nippon Shaft today officially introduced its new N.S.PRO MODUS³ Hybrid Graphite On Steel Technology, or simply N.S. PRO MODUS³ Hybrid, the first ever hybrid shaft made of steel and graphite designed to bring the best characteristics of both materials to hybrid clubs.

“It truly is a hybrid shaft for hybrid clubs,” said Hiro Fukuda, sales and marketing for Nippon Shaft. “The new shaft provides users of hybrid clubs with the solid feel and tighter dispersion associated with steel along with the easier launch, greater distance, higher trajectory and vibration-dampening qualities of graphite”.

Nippon Shaft’s patented special adhesive enables the thin-walled, 70-gram steel shaft to adhere to an outer coating of multi-layered carbon (graphite) to create a shaft of ideal weight and flexibility.

“Most golfers use steel shafts in their irons and graphite shafts in their drivers and 3-woods,” Hiro Fukuda said. “The N.S. PRO MODUS³ Hybrid Shaft is made specifically for hybrid clubs. We think the concept will make sense to golfers, who will be convinced when they experience the performance of the Hybrid Shaft.”

The bend profile of the shafts is based on the tour-validated N.S. PRO MODUS³ Tour 105, which is designed to promote an easy launch, mid-peak trajectory and spin.

“We think any current MODUS³ user will quickly be familiar with the N.S. PRO MODUS³ Hybrid Shaft and that users of other shafts will immediately feel its improved quality,” Hiro Fukuda ends.

The N.S. PRO MODUS³ Hybrid Graphite On Steel Technology will be released on October 25th, company officials said.