HONMA Golf – Radiography of the new TR20 drivers, now in golf shops

June 12, 2020 – The new TR20 golf clubs from HONMA Golf (short for Tour Release 2020) bring together more than 60 years of the brand’s historic expert craftmanship with cutting-edge design and construction, thanks to the structured and unique team of leading engineers in the golf industry. You can now find them in the golf shops, and the flagbearers of the new range are the TR20 440 and 460 drivers, which provide Tour-level speed and performance to those players who decide to upgrade their golf by playing with them.

The utmost attention to detail and the highest quality material available in the golf industry enables HONMA‘s ‘takumi’ craftsmen in Japan, along with the company’s R&D team of experts in Carlsbad (U.S.), to bring together all their wisdom to turn every phase of the clubmaking process into a finely engineered work of art.

The TR20 clubs are specially designed and built as individual solutions for better golfers who are skilled players, and appeal to players with a wide range of handicaps who are rewarded with the confidence and pride of playing with such exclusive and refined equipment. The quality and performance of these golf clubs is inspiring.

On arrival in the market, the TR20 460 driver has leapt straight to fourth position in the ‘Most Wanted Driver 2020’ test of the renowned MyGolfSpy test platform, in terms of the highest ‘ball speed’ among all tested drivers.


The process of creation of the driver begins with a hand-shaped and finely-detailed Mississippi persimmon block, which is transformed through many stages of development, into a unique and perfectly designed clubhead. The result is one of the most technologically advanced drivers on the market, offering explosive distance and precision.

“Like a race car, these drivers are built by and for speed,” says Chris McGinley, Vice President of Global Product at HONMA Golf USA.

Its main virtue is the so-called TiCarbon Fast Frame. That is to say, the titanium frame is as minimal as possible, and the body area has the maximum amount of carbon possible. The entire outer crown and sole are made of carbon, while the underside of the crown is ribbed to reduce weight and increase strength in the impact, sitting on top of a very thin titanium frame that eliminates vibrations, while the variable face thickness of vertical grooves in the inside increases its repulsion capacity and elevate its COR, producing a higher initial ball speed.

The TiCarbon Fast Frame – with approximately 60% carbon content – also contributes to this, transferring more energy from your swing to the ball. The super high back shape enhances this speed, giving it a comfortable feel with a strong trajectory and high workability. The light and strong ET40 carbon crown and carbon sole optimize weighting to channel your speed more efficiently.


The most demanding golfers can customize their TR20 drivers by choosing between two head volumes: 440cc (which favors a more penetrating flight and greater control over the ball) and 460cc (which favors a slightly higher launch angle and greater forgiveness). Then, using the three-weight triangular technology and the non-rotating system technology, both patented by HONMA Golf, the fitter and the player can adjust the lie, loft and face alignment angles without rolling the spine of the shaft.

If there is something that distinguishes HONMA Golf from other brands, it is the creation of its own shafts in its factory at Sakata (Japan). So the head and the shaft are made in the same place and at the same time – a synergy that they call ‘holistic design’. The TR20 drivers have been designed integrally with the high performance VIZARD shafts (50g, 60g and 70g), in order to guarantee that all the components work in perfect harmony. VIZARD FD/FP and Tour shaft prototypes are also available as a top upgrade.

By developing their own shafts they are able to control the spining process with very close margins. With the so-called P-SAT Precision Spin Control they are able to orient the spine of the shaft so that it is always in the same position (6 o’clock) in the hosel. So whatever loft and/or lie you configure your driver, the shaft will maintain the same performance in every single shot, with less dispersion and a uniform feel in all clubs in the golf bag.

Modern golf equipment is becoming more and more sophisticated, and you want to make sure that your driver is well fitted to your personal characteristics and playing technique. A frame with the minimum titanium possible and the massive use of carbon makes a seriously weight efficient driver. The weight saved from the crown and the sole is relocated into the weighting system in the base. Its three adjustable weights (two of 3g and one of 9g) provide stability, low spin or draw effect, to adapt to your flight and gain distance.

  • With the heavy weight in the back (standard position), the TR20 becomes a driver with the highest moment of inertia (MOI).
  • With the heavy weight at the forward position, the TR20 becomes a low spin, penetrating trajectory driver.
  • With the heavy weight in the heel position, the TR20 becomes a draw bias driver while maintaining a moderate spin.

If the 3 weights supplied with the driver are not sufficient to find the most suitable configuration, the brand has a kit with 5 different weights that allow you to make more combinations, as well as increasing or decreasing the swing weight of the golf club.

Visually, HONMA Golf has decided not to mark the precious crown with any graphics, so the aesthetic of the golf club is not over-decorated. A pure clubhead is reflected, and that makes it an extremely beautiful driver. At the base you can see how the areas of the carbon weave have been cut out to allow the location of the weight system.

The HONMA TR20 driver provides great versatility in this way. So with a single clubhead and multiple lofts HONMA gives the golfer multiple ball flights or different drivers in one. An efficient driver that is fitted and that will suit any player. HONMA has always believed in this philosophy, and is firmly committed to it.

We recommend that you go to an authorized golf shop, or book a fitting session when it is announced at a golf club, so that you can find out which TR20 suits you, and what configuration will give you the best performance on the golf course. Live the experience of a HONMA Golf fitting and you can be sure that you will put the right club in your golf bag.


  • Options (volume cc): TR20 440 and TR20 460
  • Face Material: Titanium Ti6-4 (casting)
  • Head Material: Carbon Crown (ET40) and Carbon Sole (casting)
  • Lofts: 9.5º and 10.5º
  • Lie: 59.0º
  • Standard length: 45.25”
  • Shafts: VIZARD TR50 (D2, 308g); VIZARD FD 6S (D3.5, 316.5g); VIZARD FP 6S (D2.5, 318.5g)
  • Flex: SR, R, S, X (according to the shaft)
  • Grip: HONMA TR Rubber M60X White
  • Accessories: Kit of weights of 5 additional weights (3g, 6g, 9g, 12g and 15g), RPP 40€
  • RRP: 699€ (799€ with FD/FP shaft)
Por Miguel Angel Buil