March 3, 2020 – For the new 2020 season, HONMA Golf invites you to go beyond your ideal driver: BERES, TR20 or XP-1. With its renewed mission to offer luxury golf clubs throughout the world to all kinds of player, now offering more accessible products, the Japanese company continues to work with top quality materials, the best components and the most advanced technology, added to some 60 years of wisdom and artisanal experience. That’s why we can proudly say that this year HONMA Golf brings us the best series of drivers in its history.

These are drivers of extraordinary aesthetic beauty and high performance that appeal those who appreciate the exceptional condition of their golf clubs. To help you discover your HONMA 2020 driver, we have put together this guide with all the models available in Europe. After this step, and having lived the thrilling fitting experience of the brand, you will be able to enjoy your best driver to the full.

Before moving on to the technical descriptions, you should place yourself within the ranges of the brand, which include players of all levels and which are divided into two groups. The first includes the vast majority of amateur golfers, with handicaps from 30 to 15 and with low (80mph) and moderate (90 mph) swing speeds. These golfers can opt for the BERES Series, which combine the most refined finish, the prestige of the legendary artisans and the beauty of the Super Premium product line, with its Star categories; or the XP-1 Series designed for a wider public, which is more accessible and commercial, from the XP Crossover line of game improvement. Both of these have new generation high performance drivers which are very easy and light.

And the second range includes the best, most competitive and expert players, with the advanced TR20 of the new Tour Release line, which is heir to the TW//747 of the previous generation, from the pioneer TWorld747 ​​line. With this Tour calibre driver, golfers with faster swing speeds (100mph) will achieve better performance, while a BERES or an XP1 driver would produce too much spin for their profile.

Finally, bare in mind that these ‘Made in Sakata’ drivers, where the factory is located in Japan, are loaded with the brand’s own developed technology, such as the P-SAT precision spine control, which places the shaft’s spine in the right position to obtain unbeatable performance by the golf club, swing after swing; the lie and loft adjustability without rotating the shaft or detaching the clubhead; or the assembly with the handmade ARMRQ and VIZARD shafts, specially adapted to the performance for which each golf club was created.


For lovers of the most exclusive equipment, HONMA Golf launched the new BERES super premium range at the end of 2019. The BERES driver is optimised for golfers with medium and low swing speeds (around 90mph), who can choose between different loft options and shaft weight, as well as different categories of finish (from 2 to 5 Stars) that regarding the finish of the clubhead, the quality of the materials and the elaboration of the shaft.

Apart from looking marvellous, the new BERES driver is also a prodigy in technology. Its larger sweet spot increases ball speed across the entire face, particularly thanks to the slot located in the sole, near the leading edge, which flexes on impact to create a high initial ball speed, preventing power loss on shots struck away from the face centre. An ultra-thin Ti811 titanium alloy crown reduces weight by 3g and provides more flexibility, while ensuring a better location for the centre of gravity.

The new ARMRQ shaft, made in Sakata, has a new material used on the top of the shaft, consisting of an interlaced aluminium and carbon fibre to prevent the deformation of the shaft when swinging, transmitting energy to the shaft and the clubhead more efficiently, and acting as a counterweight to increase swing speed.

The brand has also incorporated a new material in the 3-Star and higher shafts called M40X, which brings high elasticity, resistance and memory to the shaft, making it more reactive to improve the transfer of speed from the swing to the golf ball.

  • Head: Ti811 Light Gravity, casting
  • Face: Ti5N, rolled
  • Loft: 9.5º, 10.5º, 11.5º
  • Lie: 60.0º
  • Volume: 460cc
  • Length: 45.75”
  • Flex: R, SR, S, R
  • Shaft: ARMRQ 47, ARMRQ 42
  • Swing weight: D-1 (R), D2 (SR, S)
  • Gross weight: From 282g to 291g according to shaft
  • Grip: HONMA GR 41 GD 41,0g (rubber)
  • Versions: 2-Stars, 3-Stars, 4-Stars, 5-Stars
  • RRP: From 979€ (according to Stars)


With the same super premium category in luxury, materials and technologies, the BERES ladies driver adapts to the characteristics of lady golfers to meet their needs with elegance. This is a high performance golf club distinguished by its mauve shaft that will inspire its players with a feeling of pride. The golf club features a high strength Ti811 titanium body and crown, designed to perform optimally with slow swing speeds (around 80mph).

The slot of the sole and an inserted face of variable thickness, oval shaped, assure maximum deflection and speed across the entire face, providing added forgiveness on off-centre strikes. Meanwhile, its ultra-thin crown lowers the centre of gravity to generate higher trajectories. Here again, the new ARMRQ shaft, superior in materials and performance design, allows lady golfers to develop their highest possible swing speeds.

  • Head: Ti811 Plus, casting
  • Face: Ti 6-4, rolled
  • Loft: 11.5º, 12.5º
  • Lie: 60.0º
  • Volume: 460cc
  • Length: 44.25”
  • Flex: L
  • Shaft: ARMRQ 38
  • Swing weight: C-3
  • Gross weight: 264g
  • Grip: HONMA GR 32 GD 32,0g (rubber)
  • Versions: 2-Stars, 3-Stars, 4-Stars, 5-Stars
  • RRP: From 979€ (according to Stars)


The TR20 is the newest driver of HONMA Golf. It is designed for the competitive golfer who seeks maximum performance; the most advanced player who demands golf ball control and feeling, with a high trajectory and optimised spin performance. It is available in two shapes (460cc and 440cc), with a near-total carbon body and a lightweight titanium frame, offering explosive distance and accuracy.

The advanced titanium frame and carbon body construction (60% of the entire head) transfer more energy from your swing to the ball. The ET40 carbon crown and the graphite sole optimize the weighting to offer maximum ball speed efficiency. The innovative vertical groove behind the thin titanium face provides greater repulsion while contributing to reduce the weight of the clubface. And its three adjustable weights on the sole provide stability, low spin or draw bias, to tune your flight and gain distance.

  • Head: Face Ti 6-4, crown carbon (ET40) and sole carbon, casting
  • Face: Ti 6-4, casting
  • Loft: 9.5º, 10.5º
  • Lie: 59.0º
  • Volume: 460cc, 440cc
  • Length: 45.25”
  • Flex: R, S, X
  • Shaft: VIZARD TR20-50, VIZARD TR20-60, VIZARD TR20-70
  • Swing weight: D-1 (R), D2 (S)
  • Gross weight: De 304g a 307g according to shaft
  • Grip: HONMA New TW 49,5g (rubber)
  • Versions: 460cc, 440cc
  • RRP: From 699€.


The XP-1 is the most commercial driver of HONMA Golf, since it is aimed at golfers with a medium to high handicap (from 18 to 30) who are looking for a performance that will help them improve and give them confidence, with the brand’s stylized design and superb quality, but at a more affordable price.

The XP-1 is created to be very easy to square at impact, with outstanding forgiveness, thus encouraging the development of greater distance with consistency and draw-bias. To do this, there is an innovative double slot sole, just behind the face, which is narrower in the centre and increases the flex area, achieving more forgiveness and speed in off-centre strikes or near the lower edge. The face has a fast and efficient reaction, also thanks to its 5 fang technology. Spectacular features of this driver are the lightness due to the ultra-lightweight VIZARD 43 shaft and the possibility to adjust the loft, lie and position of the face thanks to the P-SAT precision spin control in which the shaft does not rotate, and its lightweight ET40 carbon crown, which is combined with a 15g weight behind on the sole to generate the optimal launch.

  • Head: Ti 6-4 and carbon (ET40), casting
  • Face: Ti 6-4
  • Loft: 9.5º, 10.5º, HL
  • Lie: 59.5º
  • Volume: 460cc
  • Length: 45.25”
  • Flex: R, SR, S
  • Shaft: VIZARD 43
  • Swing weight: D-1 (Vizard 43 S D-1.5)
  • Gross weight: From 285g to 292g according to shaft
  • Grip: HONMA A61 BK/WH 44g (rubber)
  • RRP: From 629€


There are few golf brands that are concerned with producing specific golf clubs for women. HONMA offers two, the BERES Ladies and the XP-1 Ladies, which adapt well to their needs, and are oriented to help golfers with medium to high handicap. The latter looks very similar to the XP-1, but the first feature that differentiates it is its white colour, with light green traces, which gives it a more appealing contrast in front of the golf ball and makes it more distinguished in the golf bag.

The head is all titanium and has a loft of 12.5º, which promotes launch with height. It has the double slot in the sole and the technology of 5 internal fangs behind the face, in addition to a weight in the sole for the draw bias. And enhancing its lightness, favouring movement with moderate and slow swing speeds, it has the VIZARD 39 shaft, although without the adjustability system, as this saves weight and simplifies its use.

  • Head: Ti 6-4 and Ti811, casting
  • Face: Ti 6-4, rolling
  • Loft: 12.5º
  • Lie: 60.0º
  • Volume: 440cc
  • Length: 43.75” (Vizard 39 L); 44.25” (Vizard 39 A)
  • Flex: L, A
  • Shaft: VIZARD 39
  • Swing weight: C-0 (Vizard 39 L); C-2 (Vizard 39 A)
  • Gross weight: 268g
  • Grip: HONMA 37 GR/WH 37g (rubber)
  • RRP: From 629€
Por Miguel Angel Buil