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Continental – Rhythm, Power, and Control with BAL.ON to Improve your Golf Performance

October 2022, 25 – Technology company Continental, respected worldwide for its superior tire manufacturing and leading role amongst automotive hard- and software suppliers, is aiming for the golf market with its latest new venture named BAL.ON.

Merging technological solutions from multiple business areas into one project, BAL.ON has developed a smart training device, designed to benefit golfers of all skill levels. The BAL.ON Smart Kit consists of two pressure soles, two smart pods and a smartphone / tablet app.

It enables golfers to get real-time analysis and instant feedback on a variety of swing metrics whenever and wherever they need it. BAL.ON not only works as an independent product to help golfers improve their swing, but also allows coaches to stay closer to their students when they can’t be around in person.

Never before have golfers been able to deep-dive into their biomechanics that easily and affordably. In addition to the pressure data from the BAL.ON insoles, the smartphone app utilizes high-quality video footage captured with a golfers’ smartphone. Image recognition models and machine learning technology then help golfer and coach to easily detect those areas of the swing that leave the most room for improvement and even recommending individual drills to promote progress – if desired.

“I’m incredibly grateful Continental’s capacity for high-tech solutions and openness for innovation sent us on our BAL.ON track,” says Felix Lindner, project head and BAL.ON co-founder.

“It’s great to see that data science and machine learning make players have more fun on the course, increase their confidence, and lead to measurable improvements in their game.”

BAL.ON will launch to the German, Swedish, and Spanish market this October 2022 with other European countries to follow in 2023.