Nutrition – A balanced diet to improve your sports performance

May 30, 2013 – In order to get the best possible sports performance, it’s essential to have a healthy diet throughout the whole year.

That doesn’t mean taking supplements for competition or training, or suddenly changing your diet before, during or after the competition, but eating a balanced diet all through the year.

Having a healthy diet will help you avoid deficiencies and make you better prepared for training and competitions.

Once you have a correct diet underway, you can then adapt it according to the season’s schedule or depending on the competition, either before, during and afterwards.

If, despite having a healthy diet, your sporting life is so intense that you still find you have deficiencies, or your body demands extra energy, then this is the time to think about taking specific supplements.

But you might ask…

How do I get a balanced diet?

I invite you to eat fruit, vegetables, nuts, use olive oil for dressings, make water your main drink ..In summary, to follow a Mediterranean Diet, varied and in the right proportions, depending on your personal characteristics and your physical activity. Amongst the variety, you’ll find the balance that your body needs.

And don’t forget another very important matter: Listen to your body.
It will tell you what you need every time.
Try having a balanced diet and you’ll notice how your sports performance improves.

Conferencia de Inés Tusquets en la feria MadridGOLF 2013.

Inés Tusquets is Director of Balance Coaching Nutricional and has a one digit handicap as a golfer. More information and advice at Balance Coaching Nutricional, and tel. 607 29 23 81.