Review: Ping Cadence TR Ketsch Putter


May 29, 2015 – We’ve only heard praise about the new Ping Cadence TR Ketsch Putter. We’ve seen the Ketsch work in the hands of Miguel Angel Jimenez, Lee Westwood, Azahara Muñoz and Maria Hernandez on the Tour, and it occupies 1st place in MyGolfSpy’s ranking as the best mallet model of the year 2014. And now in MyGolfway we’ve tried it out at last. What is it about this mallet that makes it the top choice?

Company sources indicate that this putter has been precision-milled in Ping headquarters at Phoenix (US), to offer better distance control, extreme forgiveness and accurate alignment. All are attributes that make it easier on the green for any amateur, and for a number of professionals!


Its shape is rather like the previous Nome TR, which was made of high quality lightweight aluminium with tungsten weights in the sole. The Ketsch also comes from an aluminium block but, unlike Nome, it has a 17-4 stainless steel sole weight that creates a high MOI. As a nouvelty this year, this sole plate can vary in thickness, producing two models, the Traditional of 355g, and the Heavy of 388g, to suit the higher or lower tempo of the player, respectively. There are also three simple contrasting sightlines – the ball-width alignment aid – extending along the crown in black matte, simplifying the process of alignment.

The Ketsch is also finished with True Roll (TR) milled grooves of varying depth which ensure the consistency of the speed of the ball, whether hitting from the centre of the face or towards the toe or heel.


  • MAB-Ketsch-testThe first impression is that this is a big putter, which moves smoothly, and it is surprising how easily it is placed straight towards where you’re aiming.
  • Practicing putts from 1m (infallible), 5m (supreme regularity) and 10m (I holed more balls than with any other putter I have tried before) to the hole, it transmits good feelings, with the ball rolling true and with very effective distance control.
  • The grooves of the face seem somewhat exaggerated, but they’re less so to the touch.
  • Hitting a little off-centred on purpose, the ball still goes straight and with good speed due to inertia.
  • The visual impression with a big base inspires great confidence at address and in movement. Personally, it has helped my stance at the ball addressing the hole. I can keep my eyes a little long above where the ball lies, thanks to the confidence that I won’t lose the right path when I putt.
  • It’s true, I have gained distance control and confidence, perhaps due to the inertia of the correct weight distribution of the putter, making good putts from the different lengths over and over again. I was very pleased with the percentage of holed putts I achieved in this review.


With the Cadence TR Ketsch, Ping has got it right, and I think this is the best mallet I’ve ever played. And then you have the fitting, which applies to all Ping golf clubs, and allows you to tune it according to your physical characteristics and putting style. You have the Traditional or Heavy models, the lie at +-2° from the standard angle, the standard or adjustable shaft, right-handed and left-handed models, and three curves so that you can choose the most appropriate to your type of putting (Straight, Slight Arc and Strong Arc).


  • Club reviewed: Cadence TR Kestch 388g, adjustable shaft, PP58 Midsize grip.
  • Tester: Miguel Angel Buil (52). Editor of
FOR… All kind of players.

 A superb putter, for the way that it visually stands behind the ball, and for the confidence and consistency of the putts, that allows you to hole more putts.

 Nothing against. No one will be disappointed, although those who look for a putter with more feeling can always opt for a Karsten TR or an forged Anser Milled.



  • Model: Cadence TR Ketsch model.
  • Type putter: Conventional .
  • Shaft Length: Standard 35.00”, or adjustable (31.00”-38.00”).
  • Head weight: 355g (Traditional) and 388g (Heavy).
  • Stroke type: Straight, Slight Arc, Strong Arc.
  • Lie adjustability: +-2º.
  • Grip: Golf Pride PP58 Midsize Blue (Traditional) or Black (Heavy).
  • RRP: 239 € (non adjustable), 270 € (adjustable).



Por Miguel Angel Buil