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Golfling – More than golf… golf travel experiences for the young golfer


golfling-logo_150x100November 23, 2016 – At Golfling, which specializes in English and Golf programmes, they want every young person to experience a unique journey. How? By offering four main options adapted to the interests of every junior golfer:

1) Exchange Programmes with UK Junior Golf Teams;
2) English Immersion through Golf;
3) English Golf Tours in UK;
and 4) UK Golf School Academy Placement.


On this programme a group travel to the UK and are integrated with young golf players, where they follow a Golfling programme. Later on, the visited group will travel abroad to stay with other families on the programme.


Offering bespoke programmes in the United Kingdom for international junior/youth golf teams or groups from schools/golf clubs staying with host families or in hotel accommodation.

Young people are integrated with local young golfers at a golf club. They are put into groups for the week in which they do different activities/competitions together.


Offering young international golfers some great golf tours with flexible programmes which are tailored for each group: Northern Ireland Tour; South West England Tour; and Catalonia Tour.


The UK Golf Academy programme offers an outstanding opportunity for young inspired golfers as well as quality academic education with the flexibility to follow their individual talent. Programmes extend beyond simply playing: modules on golf etiquette, rules, course management, green keeping, caddying and physical health.

Golfling-2016-3There are three programmes: Beginners, Development and Elite. The Beginners Programme ensures that the young players have the opportunity to experience golf and allow coaches to identify their talents. The Development Programme focuses on improving their potential skills. Progress will be closely monitored. The Elite Programme focuses on winning. At this stage it is the coach’s task to fine-tune their game. 

Why settle for just a standard golf travel experience? Believe in better, dream and be unique. Because Golfling gives the young ones, ‘More than Golf’. 

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