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Sustainable Golf – Club de Golf Vallromanes starts the elimination of plastic bottles in its golf course

February 11, 2020 – Club de Golf Vallromanes, in Barcelona (Spain), ​​has begun to eliminate single-use plastic bottles for water and drinks on its golf course. This is the first step in a series of measures that will be taken from winter 2020 onwards, underlining its commitment to sustainable environmental tourism throughout.

For this, the golf club has just installed the first drinking water fountains supplied by the company Agua Km Zero in the clubhouse facilities. In addition, members and visitors can acquire a reusable metallic or ceramic bottle personalized with the club’s logo, or bring their own container from home.

“This initiative aims to start reducing the unnecessary consumption of plastic in the golf club. We have placed some fountains through Agua Km Zero in the ladies’ locker room, in the men’s room, and also for club employees. The next step is to place some on the course, and also in the Restaurant”, says Josué Mascuñán, Commercial Director of Cub de Golf Vallromanes. “The goal is to reduce the use of plastic, since people can refill their own bottle, as many times as they need, and for free.”

Through these fountains the running water receives a treatment that purifies it and makes it suitable for drinking. It is very simple and easy to refill the bottles. The fountains are placed on the club’s personalized benches inscribed with the message “the perfect balance between quality and sustainability is our best shot”, reinforcing the action with the hashtag #golfessalud (golf is health).

“To help players get involved, we offer two types of bottle which can be purchased at the club if they don’t have their own. The simplest one is made of aluminium, and then there is the ceramic one that works as a thermos, for keeping the drinks cold or hot. It can be useful not only for water on the course or also for taking hot coffee from home to the office. Both come with the club logo, which can also become a good souvenir for foreign players.”

The club estimates that with this initiative they can reduce the use of some 10,000 plastic bottles per year, especially in summer, which is when you drink the most.

“This initiative is part of the strategy of the Club de Golf Vallromanes to work with the recommendations of the Biosphere Institute. It consists of action aimed at offering an experience which is responsible with the environment where good sustainable practices prevail, guaranteeing an appropiate balance between the economic, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions,” concludes Josué Mascuñán, who finished by saying: “We expect more clubs to join this initiative”. 

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