Review: Putter PING Vault Oslo

December 4, 2017 – As we have said earlier, the PING Vault Series of putters consists of two blades, the Voss and the Anser 2, and two mallets, the Bergen and the Oslo. Four state of the art golf putters, one of which particularly attracted our attention that day. It was the Oslo, which we recently had the chance to try out on the putting green of Club de Golf Sant Cugat (Barcelona, Spain).

PING Vault putters are inspired by the company’s Gold Putter Vault. Let’s focus now on the mallets. These are built starting from a 6061 T-6 aluminium fully machined precision body, together with the True-Roll face technology, and are completed with a cast 17-4 stainless steel soleplate. They are available with Platinum and Slate PVD finishes.

The Bergen is the deeper of the two and features a raised sight visual line, similar to the PING Cadence TR Kestch, although without the two additional small parallel alignment lines. But as we tried the Oslo, let’s say it has the same total weight of 365g as the Bergen and it looks like a slightly more midsize mallet, with a cavity back where the line of alignment is placed. As it has less mass in its aluminium body, the soleplate weighs 215 grams, compared to the 135 grams of the Bergen, to achieve the same total weight.

This sole lowers its centre of gravity and increases its stability and moment of inertia (MOI). In addition, it is very well balanced, because when you put it down it holds its position without tending to fall back, as happens with other mallets. That means that it is easier to avoid unintentionally adding more loft to its own 3º of loft at address. The 70º lie can be adjusted in +/-2º, and it has a standard shaft of 35″ with double-bend, and is also available with an adjustable shaft (35″-38″).

At the moment of swing we noticed it a little heavier than what we are used to, although the Olso adapts adequately not only to those who putt with a slight arc, but also to those with a straight stroke, from back to front, and who prefer a little more stability.

When you first take hold of the mallet, the first thing you notice is its long and effective alignment signal, through the top surface. This makes it easier for you to square the club each time you place it in front of the golf ball. Its polished finish prevents glare and it looks as if it will last well over time.

In terms of distance control, the Oslo shows excellent behaviour, with repetitive results, and with a similar rollout on strokes across the surface, thanks to the milling of the face. In short distances it is infallible, in half distances very sure, and in long distances of some 10 meters, its forgiveness displays its maximum expression.

Regarding feel, the sound and balance of the Oslo are remarkably satisfactory. It was very easy to tell when we made the perfect contact, just on the sweet spot. Firm and metallic, it offers consistency throughout the face. This is due to the True Roll technology of the face, which has milled grooves in the form of concentric arcs that vary in widths and depths, which intersect each other and help maintain speed on miss-hits, to increase the consistency of speed in your putting.

It feels nicely balanced and weighty, with a clear shape and easy alignment. It comes with a PING Pistol 62 oversize grip, which promotes consistent grip pressure although, for those who are not used to this thickness or have a smaller hands, it can be replaced by the PING Pistol 60.


  • Reviewed club: Vault Oslo 365g, Slate PVD, fixed shaft, PING Pistol 62 grip.
FOR… All handicaps.

 An excellent putter for anyone who prefers mallets to blades. The PING Vault Oslo is a powerful putter in appearance and performance. It has an elegant look and is easy to align, with a different feel and a faithful rolling out of the golf ball. It is worth trying, both for those who putt with a straight movement or a slight arc. It will help to hole more putts.

It is tolerant for slight miss-hits, although the average golfer may prefer more forgiveness. The feel is also slightly firmer for those who are used to the soft inserts, and for others the head will seem too oversized. Everything is a matter of taste, and what you can reach with your budget.


  • Model: Vault Oslo
  • Head: Loft 3º, lie angle adjustable +/-2º
  • Body: 6061 T-6 aluminium
  • Sole: 17-4 SS sole plate
  • Head weight: 365 grams
  • Head finish: Platinum or Slate PVD
  • Grip: PING Pistol 62
  • Shaft: Double-bend steel, 35″
  • RRP: 355€ (fixed shaft), 390€ (adjustable shaft 35″-38″).
Por Miguel Angel Buil