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Review: Cleveland Golf 588 Altitude Driver


July 7, 2014 – You won’t have seen it in the Golf Digest’ Hot List, based on the U.S. market, or in the product reviews of Today’s Golfer, focussed on the UK, but you’ll find it in Spanish golf shops, so in we believe it deserves to be highlighted. The new 588 Altitude driver has been created by Cleveland Golf with the European golfer in mind, so it’s only available in Continental Europe.

We’ve had it in our hands and have tested it using the Trackman of Swing Lab Barcelona with pro Paul Aitken at Can Cuyàs Golf (Barcelona, Spain). We found that its advanced technology makes hitting the golf ball with it the easiest we’ve come across, offering long, high and straight flights. Let’s first see how it’s made inside:


The weight of 588 Altitude is located with extreme accuracy. The lightweight construction of the walls and the high strength of the material have enabled engineers at Cleveland Golf to redistribute more weight to lower and deeper locations of the clubhead. This promotes higher and straighter shots with a high moment of inertia (MOI), which improves the head stability at impact.

Its technology of variable thickness offers a greater sweet spot of the face, producing a brilliant takeoff in centre hits, yet with a huge tolerance that also generates great ball speed on off-centre hits.


Aesthetically it looks good. The marks on the face are different, and are there to help square it at impact. This is what Paul Aitken told us after hitting a series of balls under the watchful eye of the Trackman at Swing Lab Barcelona:

“The numbers of the Trackman are fantastic. The face angle shows that it arrived square-on, slanting outwards a little. The angle of attack is positive, which is good for getting the ball high. The head speed is normal, and yet the distance is pretty good, with the right spin and a very high smash factor.”

“I’d say that, for me, the Cleveland Golf Altitude 588 driver produces very good numbers. It’s nice, it gives you a feeling of lightness in the hands, it looks very good behind the ball and it sits very well on the ground. The grip seems a little thin, but I like how it looks and feels”.

Cleveland-Golf- 588-Altitude-Driver-Review

I’d like to add that the weight distribution on the back of the head will be an advantage to players with slower swings. And the fixed hosel may reduce customization options, but it is also true that it saves weight.

There’s no doubt that the Altitude 588 helps you to speed up the clubhead and go further more easily with the same swing, thanks to a combination of head, shaft and grip that Cleveland calls Ultralite Technology. A light premium Matrix Radix shaft, designed for medium-high launch that offers a soft feel and explosive speed. With this, the total club weight amounts to only 270g, with a standard swingweight that increases the control of the club throughout the swing. “Its unlikely that there is an easier driver,” reads the slogan.


  • Club reviewed: 10,5° driver, Matrix Radix Sv shaft, flex R, Golf Pride Tour 25 grip.
  • Tester:  Paul Aitken. Pro at Swing Lab Barcelona (Can Cuyàs Golf, Barcelona, Spain).
DESIGN [rating: level=”4″]
DISTANCE [rating: level=”5″]
ACCURACY [rating: level=”4″]
FORGIVENESS [rating: level=”4.5″]
FEELING [rating: level=”4″]
OPTIONS [rating: level=”3.5″]
VALUE [rating: level=”4″]
FOR… All players, especially Mid and High Handicaps
AVERAGE [rating: level=”4″]

 The Altitude 588 is a very interesting driver, which rapidly carries off your swing, guaranteed, as it is lightweight, and able to provide you with an excellent performance in distance, height and direction to the target.

  In Cleveland’s ambition to make the driver as light as possible, the standard grip might appear a bit too thin, although this is something that can be solved in the workshop with a change to your preferred grip.


Cleveland-Golf-588-Altitude-Driver-ReviewTECHNICAL FEATURES

  • Lofts: 9,0º, 10,5º, 12,0º.
  • Volume: 460cc.
  • Shaft: Matrix Radix.
  • Shaft lenght: 45,75”.
  • Swingweight: D3.
  • Lie: 60,0º.
  • Club weight: 270g.
  • Flex: Regular, Stiff, Senior.
  • Left handed: Yes (10,5º).
  • RRP: 299 €.