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Review: adidas Golf TOUR360 BOOST golf shoes


March 15, 2016 – We really liked the BOOST in the first adidas running shoe, we are glad that they have successfully applied it to the adidas Golf shoes, and now we’ve found that the new adidas Golf TOUR360 BOOST is a total golf shoe!

With a striking surface like the typical bubbles of white cork, BOOST is made of innovative foam using a high pressure steam moulding process, resulting in capsules that store and release energy when walking on them.


In the first adipower BOOST this material was only applied to the heel, and taking advantage of all its benefits the following model, the Asym Energy BOOST, began to extend it throughout the sole. That original model of asymmetrical soles to match each foot movement in the swing, has moved on to what we are looking at now, with which everyone can enjoy the technology across all the sole. adidas Golf has used its most advanced material for its premium golf shoes: the iconic adidas TOUR360 franchise, which in 2005 revolutionized golf shoes with a performance and style never seen before.


There’s no doubt that the BOOST material makes one of the most comfortable golf shoes in today’s market. Having the BOOST under the whole foot rather than just the heel gives the benefit of energy return, not only in the ankle, so there is full cushioning is throughout!


The BOOST can be seen from the side of the shoe, but also through the sole, because it has openings in the central section to allow you to be more in contact with the ground during the swing. It also comes equipped with a moulded CenTraXion sole and ten ThinTech spikes by adidas Golf, which are very comfortable and with exceptional traction.


The red coloured piece leaves the midsection in the air, providing the connection between the heel and the toe to bring independent flexibility and control for uniform support. It is the Torsion Tunnel Technology that allows you to see through, between the last and the sole. This is an attractive design that needs good cleaning at the end of the round, but also is also kinder with the green.


Below this is the 360WRAP Technology, with the three bands of the brand, which perfectly holds the shoe to the foot. The shape of the ankle is slightly high and curved, which helps when putting them on, giving support and comfort, and comes with small ventilation holes.


The whole shoe gives you a feeling of sturdiness and stability as soon as you put them on. The removable insole leads to greater comfort and, when combined with the liner, helps keep your feet dry. With the right amount of cushioning and support you need, without the bouncy feeling of a running shoe, it will help reduce the stress on your feet, and thus on your knees, legs, back, mind…


After using them during the 2016 Barcelona Amateur Championships in the RCG El Prat, Enrico Rissi (Hcap. 0 and a promising young player of CG Sant Cugat) commented:

“It is a very comfy shoe. I’d highlight that the sole is soft and comfortable when walking, and the feeling is that the shoes grip you very well to the ground when you swing. They let you take advantage of all the energy.”

“I find them a little heavier than my previous shoes, which is a good thing when I compete as they give me more stability. The upper is perhaps a bit stiff and you have to get used to it, because I train with more flexible shoes. But certainly they are better than any other golf shoe that I have had before, and I’m going to carry on using them in competition.”


  • Tester: Enrico Rissi. Handicap 0, CG Sant Cugat (Barcelona).
DESIGN [rating: level=”5″]
MATERIAL [rating: level=”5″]
[rating: level=”5″]
STABILITY [rating: level=”5″]
FEELING [rating: level=”4.5″]
CONSTRUCTION [rating: level=”5″]
VALUE [rating: level=”4″]
FOR… All kind of players
AVERAGE [rating: level=”5″]

 As the result of ten years of development from a sports shoe specialist brand, this is undoubtedly the right choice for the player who is looking for an all-year-round premium golf shoe. With it’s grip, traction and stability, all skilled players will feel ready to compete, and any golfer will benefit from its great performance.

 Nothing against. Although it is modern, it is full of heritage and technology, and is a classic sport shoe committed to golf. If you prefer more lightness, flexibility and informality, you will need something more casual.



  • The result of 10 years of research, within the franchise adidas TOUR360.
  • Energized cushioning and comfort from full-length BOOST midsole foam.
  • Premium leather upper with climaproof technology for a rich look, soft, comfortable feel and long lasting protection and durability.
  • Stability re-engineered 360WRAP with lighter and more flexible saddle material.
  • Advanced dual-density 10 cleat puremotion TPU outsole with strategically-placed CenTraXion and ThinTech cleats provides improved stability and grip where they’re needed most.
  • New Torsion Tunnel provides independent flexibility and control between the heel and forefoot while providing enhanced arch support and improved green friendliness.
  • New heel shape follows the natural contour of the foot for improved fit.
  • Available in six colours and BOA closure system.
  • RRP: 199 €; with BOA, 229 €.
Por Miguel Angel Buil