Mizuno Golf – Hot Metal performance in a smaller package: New JPX919 Hot Metal PRO

February 25, 2019 – Mizuno, the Japanese equipment manufacturer long renowned for its expertise in the manufacture of irons, has extended its JPX919 Hot Metal Series with a PRO model, targeting better players seeking compact looks with the ball speeds of Chromoly 4140M.

Earlier this year, Mizuno unveiled the new JPX919 family of irons comprising JPX919 Tour, JPX919 Forged and JPX919 Hot Metal, with each model engineered from different base materials to help enhance performance for particular swing types. The JPX919 Hot Metal, crafted from a new high-strength metal called Chromoly 4140M, paved the way to astonishing ball speeds, and now the brand is launching a new Hot Metal PRO version of this iron with a smaller profile in response to demands from better players for Hot Metal performance benefits in a more compact form.

Available at retail from February 2019, the JPX919 Hot Metal PRO shares all the essential design characteristics and performance attributes of the original Hot Metal model, which hailed a true benchmark in iron design, engineered for the perfect blend of ball speed and soft, controllable landing angles. High-strength Chromoly 4140M allows a new multi-thickness face that promotes astonishing ball speeds, while a seamless one-piece cup face construction ensures surprising levels of feedback even at such unprecedented ball speeds.

The head’s stability frame is open at the heel portion to enhance stability, launch and a loft-appropriate flight apex for controlled, soft-landing approaches, while re-engineered Sound Ribs generate specific vibration patterns that ensure a satisfying sensation through impact. A new, more durable Pearl Brush finish then helps to soften the head’s lines in bright sunlight.

Now all this is available in the smaller, more workable playing profile of the new Hot Metal PRO model, which features a slimmed-down top line and sole, plus reduced offset to bring Chromoly 4140M ball speed and performance benefits to players with a more traditional eye.

The JPX919 Hot Metal PRO offers a steeper transition into more compact scoring irons and wedges, with set-matching gap, sand and lob wedges available, engineered from a softer X30 steel and blessed with precision-milled grooves and faces for improved spin and control around the greens.

“There has been a noticeable shift of better players towards the Hot Metal irons,” says Chris Voshall, Senior Engineer at Mizuno. “We realised we could do more in that category and push the technology a bit further. The big surprise was how the ball speed and stability stayed near indistinguishable from the standard version, once we’d made the size and offset adjustment”.

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