Honma Golf – Carlos Sainz Sr and Carlos Sainz Jr, Ambassadors of the Japanese brand of premium golf clubs

September 19, 2018 – Racing drivers love golf, especially those competing in Formula 1, rallies and motorcycle Grand Prix.

The latest news bulletin related to this subject has come from the Sainz family, father and son, who have formalized their relationship with the exclusive Japanese brand of premium golf clubs Honma Golf.

Following the track, on 3rd of July the news was announced on social networks with a message from the European account of Honma Golf:

@GolfHonma: “Our two latest Honma Brand Ambassadors, Formula 1 star @Carlossainz55 along with his father and two-time World Rally Champion @CSainz_oficial Welcome to the Team HONMA Golf! #TeamTourWorld #PremiumGolf”.

The image, taken on the Club Jarama R.A.C.E. golf course in Madrid, staged the act of the delivery of their bags of these luxurious golf clubs, after Carlos Sainz Sr and Carlos Sainz Jr had gone through the corresponding fitting.

With their individual specifications taken from that previous session, the clubs were then built in the brand’s factory in Japan, which means that their drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters are completely custom-made, following the highest quality standards in terms of materials and assembly that give such prestige and distinction to the Honma Golf label.

Carlos Sainz Sr, who is also champion of two Dakar rallies, commented on Twitter: “Good day of golf premiering these fantastic Honma Golf clubs. Although as always, the Indian is still more important than the arrow hahaha… but I will improve!!!”.

And Carlos Sainz Jr for his part replied: “Thanks to my friends from Honma Golf for this bag of golf clubs! I really have no excuse now to keep lowering my handicap!”.

Also this Summer, the recent news of the agreement between Carlos Sainz Jr and the legendary McLaren team for the next F1 season was congratulated by the Japanese brand on social networks:

“Huge congratulations to HONMA Ambassador @Carlossainz55 on such an incredible accomplishment. We’ll be keeping a close eye on you next season and from everyone in the HONMA family we wish you the best of luck! #TeamTourWorld”, pointed @GolfHonma on Twitter.

In this way, when father and son have free time from their commitments on the circuits and rallies, racing against the clock and their rivals, they will be able to step out on the greens to play golf with bags of premium golf clubs. They now have equipment that will suit their game and give them an image as smart, technical and sophisticated as the chassis, mechanics and engines of the racing cars they drive.

We take a look to their golf bags:

What’s in Carlos Sainz Sr. golf bag?

  • Driver: Honma BERES S-06 10,5º (ARMRQ 52 shaft, 3 stars, Regular)
  • Fairway: Honma BERES S-06 3 (15º, ARMRQ X 47 shaft, 3 stars, Regular)
  • Hybrid: Honma BERES U-06 (19º, 22º, 25º y 28º, ARMRQ X 47 shaft, 3 stars, Regular)
  • Irons: Honma BERES IS-06 (6-11, ARMRQ X 43 shaft, 3 stars, Regular)
  • Wedges: Honma TW-W3 (56º and 60º, Vizard IB95 W shaft)
  • Putter: Honma BERES PP-202 (nickel/black, 34”)
  • Golf ball: Honma TW-K1

What’s in Carlos Sainz Jr. golf bag?

  • Driver: Honma Tour World TW737 455 (10,5º, Vizard EXA 55 shaft, Stiff)
  • Fairway: Honma TW737 3 (15º, Vizard EX-A 65 shaft, S-Regular)
  • Hybrid: Honma TW737 UT (22º, Vizard IN65U shaft)
  • Irons: Honma TW737 P (4-10, Nippon 950 shaft, Regular)
  • Wedges: Honma TW-W3 (52º, 56º y 60º, Dynamic Gold S200 shaft)
  • Putter: Honma TW-PT (blade, 34”)
  • Golf ball: Honma TW-G1x

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Por Miguel Angel Buil