DRIVERS GUIDE 2018 – Choose your driver according to ‘your attitude to the game’

March 26, 2018 – Ready for the new season? Take a look at the new 2018 drivers that have just arrived in the golf shops, packed with breakthrough technological advances designed to help you, in amazing ways, to get your best score. Which one should you choose?

Until recently it was relatively easy to distinguish between customizable drivers and distance drivers, but now each brand offers adjustability in their models in both categories, and we could say that with a similar playability and performance in terms of low spin, forgiveness, ball speed and distance, it is difficult to distinguish for the amateur player. Therefore, it is not so much about your level of golf but more ‘your attitude to the game’: if you want to customize the driver to optimize the distance; or if you’d rather arrive, address and hit a good shot; or if you’d prefer to enjoy a premium high end driver.

Anyway, the best option is to have a personalized fitting, with accredited professionals, in a trustworthy golf shop or pro shop, because one of these drivers is sure to take your game from the tee to the next level.

CALLAWAY ROGUE: Standard or draw, the Rogue combines the Jailbreak technology with the X-Face VFT to enhanced ball speed and long distance. It has new Boeing aero geometry, the largest ever carbon composite Triaxial crown and a Premium shaft selection of various weights. RRP: 549€.

CALLAWAY ROGUE SUB ZERO: This is the Rogue with the Jailbreak distance, more forgiveness and low-spin. This is a powerful Tour-level driver but it’s easy to hit for any amateur seeking extremely low spin in a high-MOI head shape. It has X-Face VFT, Triaxial carbon Crown and interchangeable weights to adjust spin-rate and launch angle. RRP: 549€.

COBRA KING F8: Adjustable driver with Precision Milled Forged face, utilizing CNC milling pattern that delivers a superior performance. Precise face thickness and improved curvatures achieve maximum ball speed with distance and accuracy. It has 360º Aero aerodynamics and Cobra Connect by Arccos. In F8 and F8+ versions to adjust the centre of gravity towards the heel or the front. RRP: 429€.

COBRA F-MAX: The F-Max utilizes an ultralight configuration with the Superlite shaft which reduces swing weight to promote clubhead speed and greater distance for players with moderate swing speeds. It has a forged Ti-6-4 Titanium face; a back/heel internal weighting, offset hosel; new Crown alignment feature; and a black PVD finish. RRP: 299€.

HONMA BERES S-06: This is a premium driver for medium to low handicap players that combines a beautiful appearance with the finest craftsmanship of Honma’s masters. Its groove on the sole behind the face promotes its flexion at impact, providing increased forgiveness and improving the launch angle. Ti-5N face; Ti-811 body; and new ARMRQ X light shaft of soft feel and consistency. RRP: 1.349.

HONMA BEZEAL 535: This is a premium driver for medium to high handicap players with an amazing combination of distance and forgiveness and ease to place behind the golf ball. The groove of the sole expands the sweet spot and its higher repulsion produces an increased ball speed. A weight that shifts the centre of gravity to the heel helps to square the impact. Includes a VIZARD shaft. RRP: 699€.

CLEVELAND LAUNCHER HB: More distance, forgiveness, accuracy and control almost without effort. The HiBore Crown reduces the weight and promotes a high flight with low spin. The Flex-Fins compress at impact to increase the ball speed. Launcher Cup-Face, ultra-lightweight hosel and premium Miyazaki C. Kua shaft. RRP: 329,99€.

LYNX #BB: New for 2018, the #BB is the most technologically advanced and adjustable driver within the Lynx range, regarding loft (8.5º to 12.5º) and draw and fade bias. Its Bi Cast Titanium head (460cc) has moveable 3g weights, and comes assembled with a UST Mamiya Recoil shaft and a Lamkin Crossline grip. RRP: 399€.

MIZUNO GT180: A driver with extreme levels of adjustability to optimize performance of the existing swing, and keep pace with swing changes and course conditions. Forged SP700 Ti face; draw, neutral and fade settings; Quick Switch adjustable hosel; and an expanded line of high-end shafts at no extra cost. RRP: 499€.

MIZUNO ST180: Driver with Wave sole technology and with the weight low and towards the face, dropping spin rates and promoting the ball speeds for even the fastest ball-strikers. The sole contracts and expands to increase the energy imparted to the ball. Forged SP700 Ti face; internal Waffle Crown; and efficient low-spin performance. RRP: 459€.

PING G400: A driver with adjustable multi-material head of 445cc, that offers a high performance through its powerful forged face of T9S+ titanium, aerodynamic Dragonfly and Vortec technologies, tungsten back weight and multiple shaft options. Available in standard, LST with the weight towards the face (low spin) and SFT towards the heel (straight flight) models. RRP: 469€.

PING G400 MAX: Based on the G400, the G400 Max takes the MOI to the extreme, optimizing the volume to increase its forgiveness, tighten dispersion and help golfers to lower scores. Multi-material adjustable head of 460cc with Dragonfly aerodynamic technology Crown, powerful forged face, tungsten back weight and multiple shaft options. RRP: 469€.

PXG 0811X: The 0811X and 0811LX (lighter) are the lowest spin drivers of PXG, engineered with a honeycomb elastomer TPE insert, carbon fibre crown, titanium alloy face of variable thickness, with a precise adjustable hosel and 10 weights at the sole to obtain the desired effect. RRP: From 949€ (depending on shaft).

TITLEIST 917D2: This is a distance drivers with the traditional Tour-inspired pear profile. The 917D3 (440cc) offers more workability, a slightly lower launch and less spin than the 917D2 (460cc). Both offer faster ball speeds, with the Active Recoil Channel 2.0 and the adjustability Sure Fit of centre of gravity and hosel, to fit any skill level. RRP: 549€.

TAYLORMADE M4: The M4 is an adjustable and multi-material driver. But it is different, not as customizable as the M3, and puts emphasis on forgiveness with straight distance. It also has Twist Face technology, utilizes the Hammerhead Slot and Geocoustic, combining geometry and acoustical technologies for forgiveness and best-in-class sound. Also in M4 D-Type version, more draw-biased model. RRP: 449€.

TAYLORMADE M3: This adjustable and multi-material driver introduces the Twist Face, a curved face technology that corrects the hook and slice of the miss-hits to straighten them. Its intuitive Y-Track adjustability allows the CG to be placed in order to obtain the desired ball flight, Hammerhead Slot and M3 440cc version. RRP: 579€.

WILSON C300: With an appealing Deep Matte Red finish, this adjustable driver features four Power Holes, two on the sole and two on the Crown towards the toe and the heel, that allow face deflection and add extra distance. Its rapid adjustability introduces a Fast Fit 3.0 technology to tune the loft and the Multi-Fit 3.0 for a neutral, draw or fade through three different weight placements. RRP: 469€.

XXIO X: Packed with high quality and technology, this lightweight driver is oriented to help moderate swing speed golfers to hit farther and play better. Its new True-Focus Impact technology combines a larger and powerful sweet spot with a graphite Smart Shaft that helps to find the face-centre more often. RRP: 699,99€.

Por Miguel Angel Buil