miquelangeloysuspalos1Many of you knew me from my columns on golf equipment and tests in Solo Golf magazine (up to September 2011). I hope that the pages I’ve produced on paper during a decade have helped you to understand better the design, technology and performance of golf equipment, to have more criteria when choosing and buying golf clubs, and I specially hope that you have been able to enjoy more your game on the course.

Spanish golf has undergone an extraordinary transformationsince 1995, growing from 165 to 350 golf courses of 18 or more holes, from 265 to 590 golf clubs, and from 90,000 to the 335,000 golfers that are currently licensed.

During these 15 years in the golf magazine I was fortunate to travel to Carlsbad (California) and visit the factories of different multinationals, to cover their product launchings in Germany, England, Scotland, USA and Spain, and to personally meet -and interview in many cases- prestigious personalities and gurus of the golf industry such as Ely Callaway (Callaway Golf) –DEP-,John A. Solheim (Ping), Mark King (TaylorMade), Steve Pelisek (Titleist), Greg Hopkins(Cleveland Golf), Tom Stites (Nike Golf), Katsuhiro Miura (Miura), Jesse Ortiz (Bobby Jones), Dr. Alan Hocknell (Callaway ), Benoit Vincent (TaylorMade Golf), Roger Cleveland (Callaway Golf),Bob Vokey (Titleist), Brad Schweigert (Ping), Adam Sheldon (Cleveland / Never Compromise), Dave Ortley (adidas Golf), Jim Flick (TaylorMade Golf), Andy Kikidas (Mizuno) or Paul Monks (Callaway Golf).

My background as a sports journalist has gone through Dicen…, L’Esportiu de Catalunya, the Olympic Office (Barcelona City Council), Institut d’Estadística de Catalunya (Generalitat de Catalunya), the Olympics Games of Barcelona (COOB’92), Trade Sport (Sport Panel), Solo Golf (Alesport), and now I am the Editor of MyGolfWay.com, a project which seeks to take advantage of my knowledge in the golf industry and provide continuity through an online platform.

Now that I have gone digital I hope to reach, via Internet, many more golf amateurs and fans of golf than in my previous stage. I might not be a very good golfer (a resigned 28 Handicap), but I am truly passionate about golf in general, an about golf equipment in particular. This blog is for those who appreciate the imagination, effort, dedication, R & D and investment in the brands of clubs, balls, gloves, shoes, bags, clothes and other accessories, seeking to make golf easier, more confortable, more fun and more competitive for all of us.

So if you’re interested in hearing about what the different golf brands are up to, what the stars of the Tour say about their clubs and the successes they’ve achieved by playing with them, or when these clubs are going to reach the Spanish market, MyGolfWay is the perfect community for you. Welcome!!!

Miguel Ángel Buil